By Lucia November 27, 2012

This was the first store I saw when I stepped off of the subway in Paris.

My friend called me asking where I was and I said, “I think I’m in a Morgue for food!” Everything was frozen. I mean, everything. The employees were going around restocking the shelves using shopping carts, and the shopping carts were lined with sweaters.

There were the microwave meals you would expect, but also bags of celery root soup, tarts, pies, entire fish stuffed with herbs, pineapple, bags of oysters, tapendade on toast, baby food. I asked Katie about this, and she said that everybody loves Picard in France. They have hundreds of stores of differing sizes everywhere, and that the food is actually really good. They freeze it right at the point of freshness or something. Sort of an interesting complement to the boulangeries and cheese shops and open air markets.

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