By Lucia December 1, 2012

Today was the first day of the Winter Farmers Market in Somerville. I went over in the snow to check out the Winter Moon Roots stand and to say hi to Michael. He was there with a paring knife in one hand and a huge carrot in the other, cutting it up for everyone to taste. He was really excited to see me, he told me one customer had already come up to tell him they signed up for the Winter CSA.

If you are thinking of signing up for the CSA too, Michael’s the one who will be growing all your food. We’re taking sign-ups til 12/10 on the website. If you want to try the roots or meet him before you sign up, you can find him every Saturday at the Armory on Highland Ave.

I brought home a few beautiful, huge beets, some really bright yellow carrots, and some really crazy looking radishes. Everything is really delicious. Tomorrow I’m going to bake bread and eat it with radishes, butter and salt.

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