I signed a lease in Burlington, MA today

By ayr December 5, 2012

The last lease signing picture I posted I was wearing a hospital bracelet. That was a couple days after Violet was born. Now it feels like Clover is going to have a child. This one in the suburbs.

So what does Clover look like when you have to drive a car to eat with us? We’re going to have to figure that out. BTW, I got out of my car and tried to walk around the site. There are cool wetlands behind the building, but you can’t get to them really. And there are technically cross-walks, but when I used them I think people were giving me strange looks. I realized step one is going to be accepting what it is and what it’s not.

Our landlord is amazing, the site was my number one choice in the entire Boston area. I just feel really happy and satisfied and excited about the future.

You’re wondering where? It’s in the “Burlington Marketplace,” a strip in Burlington with Chipotle, b.good, Starbucks, etc.

You’re wondering if I took this picture? Nope. Way too professional for me, as you could probably have guessed. My iPhone camera was malfunctioning, so the folks at Linear kindly shared their picture with me. Thanks Diana!

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