Holiday gift wall

By Lucia December 6, 2012

It’s our first year experimenting with a holiday gift wall. Whiteboard paint, Expo markers, and some presents we love. I thought it would be fun to include the Winter CSA on this. I got my parents a CSA last year for Christmas and it was the best gift I’ve ever given anyone.

I wrote up a little caption about the program and put some representative vegetables on the shelf. I need to get more yellow carrots and watermelon radishes from Michael on Saturday, these stand-ins don’t do his vegetables any justice.

The deal on CSAs: We’re offering Michael Docter’s killer Winter Moon Farm roots. First time he’s doing a CSA. 100 pounds of vegetables split up over 8 pickups through the winter. Pickups happen every other Friday at the Clover restaurants (Harvard Square and Inman Square). Sign-ups are all online, the farm gets all the proceeds.



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