Christmas comes early for Vincenzo

By Vincenzo December 12, 2012

The Clover holiday party is around the corner. We have to make food we grew up eating around the holidays. My family is from Calabria, so the past two years I have made my mom’s traditional Italian cookies.

This turns Clover into a butter, almond, sugar, flour factory for 9 intense hours. I asked Ayr if I could borrow his personal mixer, and he replied, “We should look into buying one for each restaurant, they can use them for Whoopie Pie Fridays.”

This was the best news I had heard all week. I searched online for the best price and found them on sale at Macy’s, called them up to reserve 2 and picked them up an hour later. Staff will be thrilled they don’t have to whip cream over ice by hand anymore. And you’ll get to see the mixers at work on Friday nights. This Friday all the managers will be prepping their food for the holiday party. If you’re by, we might let you sample…


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