Clover latkes

By rolando December 13, 2012

Last week I was excited about making latkes for Clover. It was the first day of Hanukkah, so I made them for my family. That’s Gabe, my middle son, trying them out. He’s picky and wasn’t so sure about these. Eventually, he added some sour cream and loved them.

We spent some time thinking about how this could work at Clover. Usually latkes are pre-formed, then pan-fried. It was difficult for me to imagine locations pulling this off. We don’t have griddles on board. I figured we could deep-fry the latkes.

I was talking to Laura, one of our customers, who is Jewish and teaches cooking classes. I told her we were thinking about latkes. She set my mind at ease that there are many variations, and I didn’t have to settle on pan-fried potato latkes. We chose to start with sweet potatoes because they won’t oxidize (turn brown), they are so good for you, and they’re a nod to those of you who keep asking for sweet potato fries. You can tell us what you think. 3pm special, Hanukkah edition, starting today at 3pm.


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