MIT, we are catering your final exams

By Lucia December 13, 2012

Next Monday to Wednesday, we are going to park a Clover truck at McDermott Court from 6pm-10pm. Michael Myers, the head of Campus Dining, set this up so we could feed you at prime finals-cramming hours.

McDermott Court (map)
Monday 12/17, Tuesday 12/18, Wednesday 12/19
$2 coffee, $3 sweet potato latkes, $4 mini Clover sandwiches
Follow @cloverfoodtruck for updates

What’s up with this picture? This is from the final presentations for 2.009, the mechanical engineering product design class that a bunch of our customers are in. Some of you might remember us participating in the past. Groups design a project, iterate, make a prototype, and present it. Justin, one of our earliest customers, invited me to see these on Monday. It was crazy, all 1000 seats in Kresge were filled, there was a line of people on standby trying to get in. And yes, that’s a live band announcing each project. The theme was “Outdoors.” 2 groups chose to make outdoor burners, which I thought was pretty fun.

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