MIT Finals: night one

By Lucia December 18, 2012

If you’re wondering what Clover is doing against such a dramatic backdrop, this is East Campus, MIT. (Usually we’re parked in an alley.) And if you’re part of that group eating Clover, you can thank the house-masters at Senior House and East Campus dorms. These are dorms that have kitchens, not dining halls (great most of the year, not so good during finals when no one has time to cook).

So they asked Campus Dining for some better food options for students studying for finals. Michael Myers, the associate director of Campus Dining, thought of Clover. So we pulled up in the freezing rain last night. Vincenzo, Mouley, and I had a great time. We were shocked at how many of you stopped by. We served lots of physics, architecture, and computer science students, and a big group of architecture advisers. Skyler started emailing his students telling them we were down here, Jangar left and came back with his whole floor. We ran out of cider and coffee. And we have a few tentative orders for very large amounts of sweet potato latkes tomorrow.

Clover is serving Finals snacks again tonight (12/18) and tomorrow (12/19), from 6pm-10pm. The location? I was saying McDermott Court, some customers told me that everyone knows it as the Green Dot.

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