Raises for all hourly employees

By ayr January 1, 2013

I’ve got great news for the new year:¬†effective today all hourly employees (excluding provisional) will get a raise of $0.25/ hour.

The last pay increase we put in place was a $1.00/ hour increase for Team Leaders that is linked to monthly inspections. That was back in September. Since then I’ve been wanting to put in place something for everybody.

It’s always been our goal to pay everybody as much as we can, and to keep moving that mark upward. And we’re able to do that because everybody has been doing such a great job. This is something like the 7th pay increase in the 4 years Clover has been in operation. Great job everybody! You’ve earned it. Happy New Year!


Provisional Employee: $8.00/ hour

Team Member: $9.75 – 11.75/ hour

Team Leader: $11.25 – 15.25/ hour

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