Windex is proven mortal

By Lucia January 3, 2013

Some of you may have noticed we’re changing the logo color 4 times a year. We decided on “Great Country Blue,” a pretty bright blue, to kick off 2013.

My companion during these logo changes is a bottle of Windex from the dollar store. It works incredibly well to remove the previous color of paint. I’m sure there’s some great chemical change happening, but it’s also something about the concentrated spraying action, it just tears the paint off.

I got most of the logos done on New Years Day, when all of the trucks were closed, but my Montana paint pen ran out right as I was doing LMA’s logo, so I figured I’d get it done today. If you’re in Boston today I don’t need to tell you that it’s around 16 degrees outside. We’re keeping the trucks open for lunch. Our employees are warriors! The Windex on the other hand, couldn’t quite keep up. It froze on contact. That’s me trying to scrub the Windex ice crystals off, seconds after I sprayed it. I guess this will have to wait til this weekend when we’re supposed to get some warmer temperatures.


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