Meet a lager, Thursday, 1/10, 8pm, Clover HSQ

By Lucia January 8, 2013

Have you ever drank a lager?

We’re launching Jack’s Abby at HSQ this Thursday, 8pm. Jack’s Abby only makes lagers. We visited the brewery in Framingham to learn about how Jack and his brothers (the guys in the lederhosen) make beer. Lager yeast ferments at much colder temperatures than ales (like close to freezing). I knew nothing about beer at the time. I thought that was pretty interesting. I mean, you don’t normally think of fermenting as a process that happens cold. It reminded me of the refrigerator rise I use to make bread.

Lagers originated in Germany, where they had cold winters and caves to age the beer in. Jack is doing crazy stuff with the traditional formula, like adding hops. We’re going to have a keg of Hoponious Union, an India Pale Lager. Jack and his brothers will be by to launch the beer, we’ll have music and snacks, and the full Clover menu.

Jack’s Abby Hoponius Union Launch
8pm Thursday, 1/10/13
7 Holyoke St, Cambridge, MA

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