What’s next for me? – Sandy

By ayr January 9, 2013

This was a question Sandy asked me a couple of months ago. Sandy runs our restaurant at Harvard Square. He’s relatively new to the role (< 6 months) but he’s off to a great start and is always looking into the future. He wants to know where he’ll be in a couple of years. What’s next for him at Clover.

At the time I had to tell Sandy that there will always be new opportunities as long as we’re doing a great job building Clover. But I don’t think that was very satisfying to him, not exactly what he was looking for.

That conversation prompted a lot of organizational restructuring work. We’re announcing now a new management structure at Clover and new pay rates associated with that structure. I’m really excited about what we’re achieving here. Compared to the industry, and given our age as a company it’s great. I think all of our managers are going to earn more in 2013 than in 2012. This is something like the 4th or 5th change we’ve made to manager pay structures, and they’ve all been upward. It’s really exciting for Clover.

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