Trying to get a $%(*& square reader out of an iPod

By ayr January 13, 2013


What do these tools have in common other than being sharp? I was trying to use them to get a square reader unstuck.

You all know how much we love our Square readers. There are a bunch of competing products out there right now, but so far we’ve been happy with square up. It’s pretty easy to use. the rates are pretty good, and they work most of the time.

Except when they break. And they do that pretty frequently. Let’s just say we have a bag of 60 or so back-ups at any given time.

But ¬†what’s the worst possible thing they can do? Break off the stem in the iPod. The readers connect to the iPod through the headphone jack. And every once and a while (every month or so) an employee accidentally breaks the little stinker in such a way that it’s nearly impossible to remove the stem from the jack.

Yeah, if you can’t tell I’m still a little worked up about this one. And no, I didn’t get the %$%$ thing out of there.

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