Photos of Rolando

By ayr January 15, 2013

Rolando candid

You may have read a few posts about this major overhaul of our website that we’re going through. I’m working on the final touches now. This means I need photos. So I’ve been following Rolando around trying to capture a great image for our sidebar. If you click on the Food link at the navigation bar there it will bring you to the food page. And on that sidebar we’re featuring a bio of Rolando. I’m really excited about this change. I think at MIT when we were getting started everybody know me and Rolando, because we handed you your sandwich. But as Clover has grown I think new customers aren’t always as aware of all the incredible things Rolando has done.

As you can tell from the pic above I still have some work to do. But if anybody has a great photo in the meantime of Rolando (preferably something candid that has him smiling) send it my way!

UPDATED: more pictures after the break

Rolando smiling (out of focus)

This one is a little better, but still pretty out of focus…

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