You didn’t think we’d hire a web-designer, did you?

By ayr January 15, 2013


That blur? That’s what this screen looks like to me in the middle of the night. It’s funny, I don’t remember that sort of fatigue when I was younger. Maybe I didn’t pay attention. But I’ve noticed lately that in the middle of the night the screen just isn’t as clear and I have to make everything larger.

I was up over the weekend working on a total re-vamp of our website. It might not look that different to you. That’s because we were pretty happy with the way it looked. But we weren’t happy with the way the website worked. So I ripped out the guts, rolled up my sleeves, dove into PHP and CSS, and made a bunch of changes. You didn’t think we’d hire a web-designer, did you?

The primary pains we were trying to address (this list was largely built from conversations with customers over the past 2 years):

– contact page (we didn’t have one at all. now we do)
– integrate with Facebook (new site will make this smooth. yeah, you read right. I think we’re going to use Facebook)
– scale (new site scales to new locations better — we have a bunch of those in the pipeline)
– better control (I can change all sorts of things. Old theme made it very hard to do custom stuff)
– Nav bar across screen (not just below logo)
– better mobile/ iPad (now scales to mobile devices)
– improve loc and hrs (coming)
– clean up Nav categories (should be more intuitive, we’ve made a “flatter” site altogether.)
– distinct pages (more professional catering page for example)
– ecommerce (it’s in place, keep your eye out)
– CSA page (and other pages, now pretty easy for us to add and control)
– calendaring… (automating this. we have more and more events coming online)
Click around. Let us know what you think. As with everything we pour our hearts into, it’s a work in progress.
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