Dreaming of Spring at the Greenway: CloverDWY, CloverGOM, CloverAQU, CloverEND

By ayr January 18, 2013


Don’t get me wrong, I love snow. That’s why I’m walking the Greenway end-to-end in the middle of a snow storm.

But Spring has to come before we’re going to be opening some of our new locations. And I’m pretty excited about those.

We’re going to have a completely different presence on the Greenway in 2013. Clover will have trucks parked at:

– Existing truck at Dewey Square near South Station (Clover DWY, there right now)

– A new 5-day truck at Rings Fountain (Sunday – Thursday, starting 3/1/13)

– A new 3-day truck at the North End (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, starting 3/1/13)

– A truck at the Greenway Open Market (Saturday, starting 5/1/13)

So you can start at South station, grab a coffee (it’ll be iced at this point, right?) at CloverDWY, stroll up to the Aquarium (we’re thinking CloverAQU?) and grab a little snack, then finish your walk at CloverEND (hah? we’re still working on that name) at the North End and have an Enzo, our new Italian-sandwich.

Can’t wait ’til Spring.

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