Adding a little orange (marmalade) to breakfast

By joe January 20, 2013


We juice fresh oranges for orange juice at the restaurants. That means we create a lot of orange rinds. 3 years ago, Jeremiah (early manager) started playing around with marmalades. It went well, but got put on the back burner for a while.

Last week Rolando and I started making orange marmalade again. We washed the rinds, chopped them, boiled them with sugar, orange juice, and water. It has that nice mix of sweet and bitter that I am a big fan of. It lets us create something beautiful using something that would have gotten thrown away otherwise.

We’re launching this tomorrow at MIT, DWY, and HSQ, so if you’re coming for breakfast, try it on your Popover or Muffin. If folks are liking it, we might consider selling big containers, and working in other preserves and jams.

Orange Marmalade Launches
Tomorrow at breakfast: CloverMIT, CloverDWY, CloverHSQ
$1 for 2oz, while it lasts

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