You might get goofy too with a little Fumata Bianca

By ayr January 21, 2013


That’s a pic from our beer launch last week at the HUB. We’re featuring a beer from High and Mighty. They’re based out in Western Mass, not far from where I grew up. We learned from Jim (pouring) that this style beer, smoked, is basically how all beer was 200+ years ago. The malt had to be dried, and pre-industrial machinery the drying apparatus was some form of a fire.

That’s a crazy thought to me. This beer tastes so different than what I’m used to. And it’s just crazy to think that all beer tasted more like this. It’s smoky, with a german (am I getting this right Jim?) smoked rye malt. It was awesome with the Cajun popcorn that Rolando made and the Tostones we’ve been serving up.

It’s a well balanced beer, and if you’re like me, you’ll be tasting something you’ve never experienced before. We’ll be running this at the HUB (1075 Cambridge St., Cambridge, MA) for the next 2-3 weeks. Stop on in.

(Oh, and I’m just sort of teasing Chris with the title. He hates his pictures being taken, just like most sane people. He’s on his first glass there and it’s only 4% ABV.)

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