Winter report from the Clover Trucks

By ayr January 22, 2013


Believe it or not we’re on the way out of winter. By March the cold is mostly gone, and that’s only 6 weeks away. If you haven’t been by, we still have 3 trucks operating in this weather: MIT, DWY, LMA. The rest come back on line around March.

I spent an hour at DWY this morning. My lips are a bit chapped. Guess I’m not as tough as I was that first winter we were open at MIT and worked 14 hour days in the cold. That winter, 2008 – 2009, there wasn’t a single mobile operator who ran year-round. Gooseberries (now momogoose) watched what we were up to and decided to give it a try the following winter. And now here we are, lots of folks freezing in the cold.

My lips are chapped but I feel invigorated. My favorite things about operating in the cold:

– People come out for us, just like rainy days, it’s a really warm feeling to see people braving the elements for what you’re doing

– You feel sort of tough. Especially at the end of the season when you’re comfortable in a T-shirt at 34°F

– Feeling the elements. I suspect this is part of what most of us who love the trucks enjoy. You’re outdoors. And so what if it’s in the city surrounded by concrete. You’re still feeling nature act upon you. It fills you with humility and wonder.

– The sunrises: they’re awesome in the winter

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