Metropolis coffee: Guji Shakiso, Sidamo, Ethiopia

By rolando January 23, 2013

Metro The Guj

We just featured an Ethiopian coffee from Kuma. For all of you who’ve been enjoying it, we’ve got another Ethiopian for you to try. We’re really pumped to have Metropolis back in the house. This time they sent us a Sidamo from the Guji region. Kelly from Metropolis told me that they have a nickname for it, “The Guj” (long u: gūj). I thought that was neat.

I’ve been working on new training materials about coffee. So I’ve been refreshing myself about the different regions we experience with our coffee program. Ethiopia is the number one producer of coffee in Africa, the 6th globally. There are 15 million workers in the coffee production industry there. The coffees are picked in the Fall. Many Ethiopian coffees are made using the fully-washed process. The workers start out by removing the skin and pulp from the bean while the coffee fruit is still moist. The coffee skins are removed, then allowed to ferment, where enzymes loosen the sticky fruit pulp. This is where a lot of the sweet/fruit/floral/bright notes come from.

“The Guj” is rolling to all locations today. We’ll have it on for the next 4 weeks.

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