Hold onto those tea cups

By Lucia January 24, 2013


We sold out of all of our green and oolong teas within a few days of the last post. Nobody has seemed to mind the leaves at the bottom of their cups (at least no one has spoken up about it yet). And we’ve had a ton of conversations with customers who have confirmed over and over that this is indeed how folks drink tea on a daily basis in China and Taiwan. The tea leaves get saturated with water, then float to the bottom of the cup. You can do multiple steepings over the course of a day just by adding more hot water, and the flavor will evolve with each steeping. So don’t throw away the cup after your first tea. Bring it back, we’ll add more hot water for you.

Right now we’re getting our tea from Tea Trekker in Northampton, a store I randomly stumbled into two years ago while waiting to get picked up by some family friends over Easter weekend. I was talking to the owners. Turns out Mary Lou and Bob literally wrote the book on tea. They travel every year to China to source their tea.

Bob just sent us two new teas to try out. We’ve got Yunnan Spring Buds (Green) from the Yunnan Province, and Tie Lo Han (Oolong) from the Fujian Province. Come by and taste. Tell us what you’re thinking.

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