We love you Antoria!

By ayr January 28, 2013

We love you Antoria!

I spend a lot of my day looking for what is wrong, what could be improved. It’s a drag. But I feel like it’s my job.

What of the moments when I look at everything we’re achieving and smile? Those are more often than not private moments of reflection.

I found this picture of Antoria while looking for something else. I didn’t even take it, which makes it all the better. That’s Antoria our lead Order Taker training a new OIrder Taker at Harvard Square. If you frequent CloverHSQ I don’t have to tell you how amazing Antoria is and what a critical part of the Clover family she has become.

So here I am at 6am in a semi-dark office, muffled sounds of Domingo getting the restaurant ready to open below, headphones on my ears playing Adele (no, that’s not a joke). And instead of quietly smiling I thought I’d share this with all of you. What makes me so proud of Antoria?

– I know she’s doing a great job with this training. And that means she’s putting a lot of herself into making this a better company for the future.

– She’s clearly having fun and spreading that (as she always does). It’s a fantastic quality Antoria brings, it elevates us all

– That hat may not look like Clover uniform, but she does have a Clover cap under the face, and if she was at a different angle you would see the logo peeking out carefully. And the T-shirt is Clover, and clean. It’s an Antoria style that respects what we’re trying to do but still brings forward her personal style.

– Looking at this picture, don’t you want to be working with us? (We are hiring, at all levels, check the careers tab)

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