Why open in winter?

By ayr January 28, 2013


There is snow in the forecast for today, but it’s not suppose to start until after lunch (fingers crossed) and we’re all going to benefit from warmer temperatures all week.

We’re working extra hard to be very very fast with the service. And we’re packing everything to go. If you come by today thank your truck operators, they’re doing an amazing job keeping everything humming and dealing with the difficulties of winter in stride.

Winter is a rough time for food trucks. Our first winter at MIT (2010) followed over a year of operations. I wasn’t sure I could make winter work, but we were only aiming for break-even. And I needed to train some new managers for the spring. So we gave it a go. Since then others have followed, so all you Food Truck employees out there who feel like icicles, you can blame me. Folks were more sensible pre-Clover and just shut down for 3 months.

At one point we thought of bringing the truck to a warm climate in the winter, say Florida. But I wasn’t sure we’d be able to work out all of the legal details.

So here we are, winter 2013, still hoping for break-even operations, still focused on training our next round of leaders. You don’t need to be an experienced operator to know that December and January are the two slowest months of the year for food trucks. That said, we’re still surprised and thrilled to see the lines develop, despite falling snow. It’s a great feeling.


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