Magic orange juice

By ayr January 30, 2013


Clover HSQ got a little present today. We’ve started selling 2-3 cases of oranges/ day. And while the Sunkist machine we were using was a lot better than the hand press Hat and I worked back at the MIT truck in the beginning, It’s a lot of work juicing 2-300 oranges by hand.

You may remember Lucia’s recent trip to Italy. She was really impressed with the fresh orange juice everywhere. The best machine she told us was the Expressa.

We found a seller in Florida who imports them and ordered one for the restaurant to try out. We love the juice. Don’t love that it takes more oranges to make a cup (lower yield). And it’s sort of a fussy machine. It’s always beeping and whining and asking for help. But there is no question it’s faster than the hand machine. I think it’ll grow on us all.

Come give it a spin at HSQ (7 Holyoke St., Cambridge).

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