Giant coffee machine taller than Chris

By ayr February 1, 2013

Giant coffee machine for catering

You’re all getting pretty familiar with our approach to coffee. We grind when you order, pour one cup at a time. So what are we thinking bringing this gigantic coffee machine into Clover land?

We’re offering something else that’s groundbreaking: beautiful estate coffees from the world’s best roasters at catering size delivery. I realized there isn’t any place you can buy great coffee, I don’t mean OK beans, but the very best beans, brewed at scale. These beans we brew are spectacular, and they’re just not what larger caterers brew, ever. It’s sort of amazing really when I think about what we’re doing.

This all started when Chris was up early the other morning helping get a catering out. And it was over 100 coffees. He poured them all by hand. We’re getting more requests for larger catering gigs, and that hand pouring just isn’t going to cut it when you’re talking 100s of cups. So we invested in this beast.

I was sort of a jerk to Megan when I saw the machine. I told her she was crazy, that we couldn’t possibly need something that large. I told her she was going to have to send it back.

Turns out Chris and Megan counseled me down. I was wrong. As impossible as it seems that gigantic thing, with it’s $800 thermos (no, I’m not exaggerating), is exactly what you need to do large catering events.

Right now it’s living at the HUB. I told Brett he has my permission to put a neon sign on it if he wants that says “I cater.”

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