6°F MIT Lunch Rush

By ayr February 3, 2013

MIT Truck 6°F

This is what a lunch rush at MIT looks like in 6°F weather. It’s sort of funny to me how, as I’m lying in my warm bed typing this out it really doesn’t look that cold to me. And then I saw that kid in the T-shirt in this picture. No kidding.

For a minute I thought maybe I had the wrong picture, but the timestamp says 1/23/13, and check the whiteboard, 1/23/13. I double-checked that date on weather underground (the official Clover weather resource), and sure enough, that was the morning it was below zero when I woke up at my house, and 6°F as we were going into lunch on the MIT truck. Everything, and I mean everything, was frozen. The 8-Qt. container we hold water in was frozen. We had to run the water through the pipes every 5 minutes to keep them from freezing. The faucet froze for a few minutes. We were all freezing (and I wasn’t even there long).

If you’ve been reading for a while you’ve heard me say it before, but I love rainy and harsh days. It’s just so awesome to see customers brave the elements for our sandwich. And in this case I’m afraid that one customer may have braved frost bite for a sandwich. Wow!!

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