Coffee and Donuts Event Thursday morning, CloverHSQ, CloverMIT

By Lucia February 4, 2013


How would a donut taste with that Peruvian El Norte? We only make donuts for really special occasions. This Thursday, 2/7, Derek Anderson, head roaster at Speedwell coffee, is going to be at Clover with a few really amazing coffees he just roasted. We’ll make an apple cider donut for everyone who buys a cup.

The fun starts at CloverHSQ at 8:30am and CloverMIT at 10am. I scheduled these based on the average wake-up times for Harvard vs. MIT : )

Tell us you’re coming using this Eventbrite listing, and we’ll make sure there’s a donut waiting for you when you stop by. We’re also trying something a customer suggested to me the other night: pre-selling boxes of donuts people can bring back to their offices/classes.

Coffee and Donuts w/Speedwell Roaster
CloverHSQ, 8:30am, CloverMIT, 10am
Thursday, 2/7

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