3 years in development: Element Beer lands at Clover Food Lab Thursday 2/7/13

By ayr February 5, 2013



It was close to 3 years ago that I first had the idea I wanted to sell Element’s beer. They didn’t have so many fermentation tanks back then. I remember one or two, but it was a long time ago so my memory may be off…

I do remember clearly being told “not really” when I asked Ben Anhalt if he would consider selling draft at a restaurant called Clover in Boston. This was before we’d even built Harvard Square, but I was planting seeds. Element is one of my favorite beers. And I have no idea how that lands with the beer geek community, I don’t hear people talk about them much in Boston. Their beers defy categorization. But they just taste so good to me. They have a handful of mainstays and mix in seasonal limited edition beers. But despite the variety they offer, all of their beers have a distinct something that ties them together.

I asked again a year later. Then after that. To be honest I may be pursuing this one just because I want to pour myself some Element for the next few weeks. And how sad we are to see Jack’s Abbey go, we’ll have to bring their beautiful IPL back soon.

Bring your best friends and come join us to celebrate:


Clover HSQ (7 Holyoke St., Harvard Square)

8pm – 10pm (or when we run out of beer)

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