Fryer Cleaner Machine

By ayr February 6, 2013

John working the fry cleaner

That’s John in Blue, Chris in red watching. John is our Director of Finance. Part of his job entails getting his hands dirty. In this case he’s helping Chris consider whether it would be a worthwhile investment to buy fry oil cleaning machines.

John has an intern named Nicole. We all think she’s super luckyto have an opportunity with John. What better finance internship could you have in the city?

Nicole worked some magic on this supplier and got us a demo model to use at no cost to us. What we’re trying to figure out is if we’ll save money with these type of machine. This style fry cleaner works by filtering the oil. The oil is released into the unit, preferably warm/ hot. Stuff is filtered from the oil that helps let the oil last longer, and the oil is pumped back into the machine.

John is hoping we may find some real savings. We’re going to need to find if the benefit to longer life oil outweighs the operational hassle and time commitment to properly clean the fryers more often.

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