Speedwell afterburner

By ayr February 6, 2013


OK, so technically that’s not really an afterburner. But it’s really cool looking, isn’t it? Derek, of Speedwell Roasters, uses a very unusual roasting machine. This style machine is called a “Sivetz” roaster, named for the guy who invented this machine. Derek isn’t the only one who roasts this way, but it’s pretty unusual. When Rolando and I visited Derek’s roasting operation for the first time we’d seen a dozen or so roasting operations but this was the first time we saw a Sivetz set-up. It was pretty exciting.

What happens in air roasting? The beans are heated by hot air. This means more even temperature, it also means the chaff gets blown away. And I’m sure there are a bunch of other things that happen. Come ask Derek about it tomorrow. He will be at Clover for a tasting:

Speedwell Coffee Tasting with Derek, the roaster


If you’re interested in doing this stuff at home Sweet Maria’s is a great resource.

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