It didn’t work too well…

By ayr February 13, 2013


This is a post about some of the technical stuff I’m working on to make our website run smoothly.

We’ve been finding our server (bluehost) wasn’t holding up to increased traffic to our website, and they crashed the other weekend which drove me nuts. So we decided to switch. I’d read a lot of reviews of wpengine┬áthat made them sound amazing. In particular speed (we needed that badly) and great support (I’m not great at this stuff, so that sounded really great).

It didn’t work too well.

Here I am 10 days later and I finally got everything working. Uhgg!!!

It had to do with my databases having prefixes on them. I found some really helpful SQL commands that told the database to fix this. Then I read this awesome article that taught me how to complete the transformation. The online resources are awesome. Really amazing to be able to get everything fixed with the help of this giant virtual community.

Sorry if you were trying to check stuff out on the website when I was monkeying with everything. I tried to keep it late at night, but I’m sure I upset some of you.

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