Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Red Giant

By ayr February 14, 2013



If you missed our launch last week, we’re now selling Element Beer at Harvard Square. It’s a short run of this special beer, and the first time it’s had a serious run in the Boston area. I’ll admit this has been a bit of a selfish choice. I LOVE this beer and have been really enjoying it. I’m not the only one. This beer scored a 97 on Beeradvocate.¬†And it’s red, and today is Valentine’s day.

Of course we think the best place to drink Red Giant is at Clover HSQ, but I understand some of you may want to take this home. We couldn’t find Element anywhere when we were trying to taste it with our managers pre-launch. Since that post we’ve gotten recommendations from some customers. If you’re loving Element’s Red Giant at Clover HSQ you can buy a bottle for home at:

– Downtown Wine and Spirits map

– Formagio (Cambridge and South End) map

We know a lot of you are loving the beers we’re featuring, and some of our brewers are a bit hard to get a hold of. We’re not allowed to sell you beer to take away, but we’re going to work with local package shops going forward to make sure they have ample supply on hand when we’re featuring a beer.

What’s that picture? That’s Dan showing me how they put caps on the corks on their bottles. I’d never seen that hook tool. That’s really amazing isn’t it? Its so easy to forget what goes into the things we consume. In the case of Element each bottle is held carefully in somebody’s hands as the cork is added and the cap is twisted into place.

I love Element’s packaging. Their bottles have a beautiful heft and the paper feels so different than the other bottles in a shop. I asked them about this and it turns out the bottles are functional and the paper turns out to be a little more expensive vs. alternatives, but they like how it looks and feels.

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