Knife Skills 101: 2/21, 6pm, Clover HSQ

By Lucia February 18, 2013


That blur is Rolando sharpening a knife. In January, MIT gets turned over to IAP. Professors, students, and alumni teach hundreds of credit and non-credit classes in the month before the spring semester starts.

We taught our first knife skills class in 2011. Ayr told me to have the class outside at the truck. We had insane attendance despite piles of snow (and me thinking it was a totally bad idea). Our knife skills classes have grown every year. This year we had to take signups, and the wait-list was 16 people long. I keep thinking people don’t realize the class is actually held at the truck. I mean, we’re crazy enough to work outside in winter, but customers willing to do the same?

Then I was taking a look at the other offerings and our sub-zero knife skills class is actually right in line with what everyone else was doing. If I was an MIT student I would have signed up for: Snow Quiddich, Ancient and Medieval Cooking, and Outdoor Winter School. 

Our knife skills class was so popular that Rolando is running a special after-work edition this Thursday at 6pm. Sign up and come by. Oh and it’s indoors. And there’s a beer launch right after.

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