Last chance to taste one of my favorite beers

By ayr February 18, 2013


I worked for nearly 3 years to bring Element Beer to Boston. And now we’re almost out. We knew it would be a short run, but it’s still sort of sad to see it go. We’ll have to convince Ben and Dan to come back, maybe they’ll show a little love to East Cambridge at Clover HUB.

If you want to try Element’s Red Giant get over to Clover HSQ right now. We’re on the last keg.

This picture is from my most recent visit to their brewery a few weeks back. That’s Halcyon Malt. It’s the reason this beer is so expensive. Dan told me it is one of the most expensive malts for brewers to use and they’re sort of crazy to use it. I love all of their beers, and while the styles vary, there’s always a common thread. I was asking about what that is that defines their taste, and they told me (a) a yeast strain that they had developed just for Element Beer by some folks out on the West Coast, and (b) Halcyon Malt, a very special heirloom malt from England.

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