Not your blogging fingers!

By Lucia February 19, 2013


Megan surprised us all at the last manager meeting when she said we were going ice skating and drinking hot chocolate. It’s a tradition Ayr started last year when we went candlepin bowling at Sacco’s. The idea is to do things we aren’t good at, so that the next time we’re training someone, we can remember how hard it is to do something for the first time.

Well, that analogy might work for some activities. But I took Ice Skating as an elective at BU. When you grow up in Texas, it’s a pretty exciting thing to see Ice Skating 101 in the Course Catalog. So I was feeling pretty arrogant when all 19 of us got out on the ice at the Charles Hotel. That red blur is me sailing by Sara (MIT) and Julian (PRK). I was skating on one foot, doing Figure 8’s, etc.

I challenged Julian to 3 laps around the rink, and thrust my iPhone in Chris’s hand so he could man the stopwatch. I was about to close in on my third lap, and Chris said, “Do a hockey stop!” I skidded to a stop right into Chris. I fell. He fell into me. I felt a lot of pain. The weight of both of us came straight down on my good hand. It was really embarrassing to ask the ice rink attendant if he had any ice for my hand.

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