This is Sandy experiencing pure bliss

By Lucia February 19, 2013


That’s Ben, brewer at Element. He makes some of the best beer in the nation. And you all know Sandy. When he’s not running CloverHSQ, he’s thinking about craft beer. I think there’s an early post about Sandy’s job before Clover driving the forklift at Magic Hat Brewery. He and Ashton are working on their first home-brew right now.

So it was cool to see Sandy meeting these craft beer heroes and welcoming them to Clover. Everyone packed into the restaurant the night before the blizzard hit the Northeast. We all enjoyed Red Giant, and music. People were meeting up with old friends, and most everyone got to chat with the brewers.

We’ll have the Red Giant until this Thursday night when we launch another really exciting beer:

Peak Organic Simcoe Spring Beer Launch w/ Jon (brewer)
Thursday 2/21, 8pm
Clover HSQ (7 Holyoke St)

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