Calling all hop fiends! Beer launch tomorrow

By Lucia February 20, 2013


I found myself Googling “what is a hop?” yesterday. I know what hops taste like, in beer (and in cupcakes, more about that here). I know that hops add flavor, bitterness, and antibacterial properties to beer. But I didn’t know exactly what a hop was. Turns out it is a flower. Brewers add hops at different stages of brewing, including at the end, when the hops are unheated.

Tomorrow we are having a beer launch. Jon, the brewer at Peak, is going to be bringing hops that you can add to your glass. You can taste the beer before and after the hops go in, which will allow you to taste the effect of the hops. It’ll be a little experiment for all of us.

Join us tomorrow, 8pm, at CloverHSQ (7 Holyoke St) for the launch of Peak Simcoe Spring Ale. We’ll have music, and friends, and lots of hops.


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