I don’t know if this is legal

By ayr February 20, 2013


I was trying to be stealthy when I took this picture. Are you allowed to take pictures in town hearings? I was seated at a hearing. Anybody who wants to open a restaurant in Burlington, MA has to apply for a Special Permit. And that process takes a long time.

But here I was in our hearing. We generally take care of these things ourselves. But in this case, as we got close to the hearing, our Landlord asked if we would use their lawyer for the hearing. So we did. But John Lee and I were the ones who’d gotten the abutters lists, met with town officials, filled out the application, submitted the checks, answered the follow-up questions, provided the site plan, etc. etc. I was at this hearing hoping everything would go well, clutching a folder in my hands with the return receipts for our registered mail and wishing I’d worn a suit.

I sat for hours. That’s no exaggeration. Hours. And then it was my time. And the hearing went great. The board was welcoming, encouraging, and friendly. They even asked us to think about bringing the trucks up! So we’re officially approved. Here we come Burlington.

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