What’s this? Ask Gary Thursday 2/28 at the HUB

By ayr February 27, 2013



To be honest I can’t remember what this is. When we visited Berkshire Brewing Company we saw an amazing array of equipment and solutions that were new to us. At this point Rolando and I have almost 2 dozen or more breweries. That’s a lot. I’m guessing there aren’t many people who tour behind-the-scenes one brewery to the next like we do. It’s been really fun.

None of that prepared me for our visit to BBC. I grew up back in Western Mass. And BBC has been around for a while, so it’s a brand I’m familiar with. But I didn’t know too much about what they do. You know that type of company? You know of them, but you don’t know too much about them?

Visiting Gary was amazing and I was really surprised by the great stuff they’re doing. This machine was a new install. If I remember correctly they were doing it themselves. It was over a year ago that we visited, so I’ll admit my memory is a bit foggy. And I can’t remember what this thing was, but I do remember it was unique. Looks like some sort of a centrifugal device. Maybe it filters beer? Or waste water?

You can find out tomorrow. Gary, the brewer, will be at the HUB launching BBC River Ale, 8pm:

BBC Beer Launch
Gary, the brewer will pour River Ale
2/28/13 at 8pm
Clover HUB (1075 Cambridge St., Cambridge, MA)

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