What do you think? First ever farmshare ad in the Herald runs 3/4

By Lucia March 2, 2013

Herald 3-4-13 Ad FINAL copy

Here’s the first of 4 ads we’re running on the back page of the Boston Herald.  The first ad runs Monday. We paid $500 for it. The back page of the Herald is the Sports section, and the ad will be big, covering the bottom third of the page. We are taking a fee from each CSA farm and putting it towards advertising in various outlets.

We ignored lots of advice. A bunch of customers said that the Herald was a bad idea, that the demographic doesn’t line up with the type of customer who would buy a farmshare.

Ayr and I are getting this up later than we had liked. The idea is to post the ads first, get feedback from you all, and then run them.

The questions you can help us with:

-Does the ad provide enough information? Too much?
-Is it visually appealing?
-Who would this ad appeal to?
-Does the ad incite action (ex: going to the website, researching CSAs, signing up for one)?

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