Brand class: is that a Dr. Pepper Lucia?

By Lucia March 5, 2013


We’re working on creating the first round of GM training. Sara and Sandy are the first managers to go through the training all the way through.

Part of the training is manager classes, and one of the classes is on Brand. Ayr told me I was teaching this one. I was really nervous.

I feel like I understand our brand but was really scared about communicating it to others. I kept feeling like I am the type of person who doesn’t pay much attention to brands. I got to Harvard Square at 6am, before Clover was even open. I had a borderline migraine. So my breakfast was a Dr. Pepper and 2 Aspirin.

It’s weird how you revert to those comfortable things you grew up with. I probably drink sodas once every 7 months. I could have chosen the CVS brand generic. But Dr. Pepper is from Texas. It reminds me of being home eating Tex Mex. It’s something my mom would recommend on very rare occasions because it really does help get rid of a headache. It always makes me feel better. Obviously Dr. Pepper doesn’t extend more deeply into my lifestyle, but there is an emotional connection there. Are there any brands like that for you? You can be honest…

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