CSA Ads 2-4 for your approval

By Lucia March 6, 2013

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Thanks all for feedback on the first Herald ad. We’ve designed the next 3. That’s a slideshow, you can click through all 3. We took some of your initial feedback into consideration when designing them:

  • Making it clearer that Clover is a restaurant, not a farm
  • Highlighting the word “farmshare,” we think it’s more evocative/relatable than the word “CSA”
  • Highlighting specifics about amount of food, type of food, farmers

We’re posting them here before they run, to let you guys give us your feedback. Use the comments section to leave your thoughts, impressions, etc. We think the Clover CSA program is one of the most exciting things to happen to local food in the whole country, and I’m not too practiced at the whole advertising thing. So tell us what you think.


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