Help us name our newest child

By Lucia March 9, 2013

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When we heard we were opening a truck at the North End, we thought it should be called “CloverEND.” OK, let me back up. What’s all this about a Clover truck in the North End? We’ve been pretty quiet about it, but now we can announce that there’s a Clover truck at the entrance to the North End on Hanover Street, Friday 8am-3pm, Saturday 11am-7pm, and Sunday 11am-7pm.

We went to create the truck’s Twitter feed so we could update everyone on daily specials, but CloverEND was taken! Whoops. We should have thought of that sooner. So we thought of CloverHAY (for Haymarket, nope, taken by some guy named William Hay). Then Craig suggested CloverMKT, a nod to the Boston Public Market that will operate right across the street. Taken. So what do you think? What should the next great Clover truck be named?

PS: I wanted to know who this @CloverEND was. Google Translate tells me the subhead means “Storm and I love girls.” I’m sure some customers can tell us if that translation is correct. Hopefully it’s family friendly. In any case, it’s not quite “Everything will be different tomorrow.”

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