What does 3.14159 mean for Clover? Hint: come by at lunch tomorrow

By Lucia March 13, 2013


When I was in 7th grade my Algebra teacher celebrated Pi Day. We all got to bring in round foods. I think it was the one day in Algebra where I excelled. I brought in kumquats.

Last week Karen, an MIT regular, wrote to our catering page asking if we would cater whoopie pies Thursday 3/14 in honor of Pi Day. We thought it was such a great idea that we’re going to make chocolate whoopie pies and run them EVERYWHERE at lunch tomorrow.

We’ll have 1 batch of whoopie pies for sale at all Clover trucks and restaurants Thursday at lunch. Keep an eye on your location’s Twitter feed to find out when they’re live (you can use this neat link to find out your location’s Twitter). I told everyone we should sell them for $3.14159 but John (finance) told me that was entirely impossible.

Pi Day at Clover
$2 Whoopie Pies for sale at all locations
Follow Twitter to see when they hit

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