Where is your food coming from this summer? Farmshare signups now live at Clover

By Lucia March 14, 2013


Step 1: Choose a CSA from Red Fire, Drumlin, Flats Mentor, Next Barn Over, Enterprise, or Kitchen Garden Farm.

Step 2: Pay for your share online in one sum or in installments (prices range from $300-$700). Attend Meet the Farmer Night to say hi to your farmer.

Step 3: Return to your nearest Clover weekly from roughly 4pm-10pm/midnight, depending on Clover location and the farm you choose.

There’s a hidden step in between 2 and 3: where you wait for the harvest season to start. This is the hardest part of the whole process. When mid-June rolls around you can expect radishes, strawberries, greens, spring onions, garlic, etc., and as the season progresses the shares will grow in size and variety. By the time CSAs end in mid October, you’ll have cooked with the best tomatoes, squash, potatoes, leeks, corn, green beans, hot peppers.

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