Fries in a sandwich?!?

By Lucia March 15, 2013

French fry sandwich in Naples

When I was describing the Enzo sandwich, most everyone was aghast. A couple customers didn’t blink an eye. Apparently it’s common in Israel to put fries on a falafel. But still most people didn’t believe me.

I dug up this photo from when I was in Italy this November. I saw this at a streetcart in Naples. I wasn’t expecting much. To be honest, the fries looked like pre-frozen. But I had to try it. And of course the potatoes were fresh. And the bread was chewy, oily, salty, you could tell it had been baked that morning.

[ALERT: We’ve moved on to the Sweet Potato sandwich in the seasonal sandwich slot, but we’ve granted the Enzo a stay of execution at one location only. Go over to the Clover truck at the North End and you’ll find it there. We’re parked at the entrance to the North End, right on the Greenway, this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 11am-7pm.]

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