New catering stickers

By Lucia March 18, 2013

Delivery Catering at Clover

Managers got a little gift yesterday. These represent the next phase in Clover catering and our second attempt at branded containers for delivery (the first was back in 2009, and it was a green sticker based on our first T-shirt logo).

This time we used the font that Ayr made of his handwriting, and left a space for the crew to write how many sandwiches are inside. That makes them customizable for whatever kind of order comes in. What do you think?

If you love them so much that you want these boxes to come to you, you can fill out a request for pickup or delivery. Part of the next phase in Clover catering is a more streamlined request form. But we’re still learning. So if you get catering from us, please tell us what you think we could do better or differently.

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