Orange envy

By Lucia March 19, 2013


Sorry this picture is blurry. Vincenzo and Ayr aren’t actually the subjects. The real star is on the back wall.

We were all really tired after work and decided to hit up this awesome pupusa place near McGrath highway in Somerville. And then we saw it. Zummo. We were all entranced by this juicer. It feeds multiple oranges in like a tennis ball hopper.

You may know our Italian juicer has been creating a lot of enemies, mainly the employees of CloverHSQ. Every few orders, it jams up, beeps, and has to be cleaned out. I feel partially responsible, it was my trip to Italy that inspired the purchase of that juicer. But we remain committed to orange juice squeezed when you order it. I went to the Zummo website. On the front cover you can see A GIANT ORANGE that the employee actually sits inside of. Imagine having one of those in the back of CloverHSQ, or next to a Clover truck! Imagine going to work and being inside of an orange!

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