Matt’s coffee: Chanchamayo, Peru

By rolando March 20, 2013

Matts coffee

Considering that it’s March Madness, I had to include Matt’s description of this coffee he roasted for us.

Quality Peruvian coffee is like a good small forward who averages ten points, four assists, five boards, and plays solid defense for thirty minutes every night. It’s sort of easy to forget about it, and take it for granted. But if you pay attention a little, you can’t help but be impressed by its game.

I thought that was great. The beans are from a Coop, with 300 members, located in Chanchamayo, Peru. I feel the coffee’s flavor is nicely balanced, having rich, chocolatey, nutty notes┬ábalanced by a mild acidity. Rolling out, in the $2 slot, to a Clover location near you.

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