Food truck timeline

By Lucia March 21, 2013


Ayr and I thought to make a timeline for our Food Truck 101 Conference last month. Did you know that food trucks the way we know them (meaning full kitchens-on-wheels) only dates back as a national thing to 2009? That was the year we started our truck at MIT, and the year of the Kogi explosion.

My friend Ahmed works for a really new platform called Zeega. The idea is that people pull images/videos from everywhere (and cite them under fair use) to make narratives. When I first used Zeega, it reminded me of those Choose Your Own Adventure books. Remember those? You can sort of set up many different paths that users can go down within your story.

I showed Zeega to Ayr with some trepidation. When I had first used Zeega it was pretty new and buggy. But five minutes later Ayr had figured it out. We made 4 separate projects, sent each one to a different active screen at the HUB, and set up auto-transitions. We used our own photos, a CNN video of Kogi, and images we found on the internet.

You might wonder why we used that garish red typeface. This was the default font. I was asking Ahmed about it. He said they set that as the default to sort of shock people into realizing you could change the font.


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